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The Twenty-One Sales in a Sale


by Stan A. Lindsay

Making Offers They Can’t Refuse presents an Integrated Marketing Communication approach, centering on a thorough business proposal approach.  Presenting Personal Selling as an honorable, ethical, and successful profession, this book teaches you to be totally thorough in the presentation of your case, using the art of persuasion as developed by some of history's greatest geniuses--Plato, Aristotle, and Jesus--and modern-day theorists Kenneth Burke and Stephen Toulmin.  By identifying every necessary persuasive step in a direct Personal Selling situation, you are encouraged to be thorough.  Personal Selling is the most thorough form of marketing communication.  Using Personal Sales as the skeleton upon which to introduce other forms of Integrated Marketing Communication [IMC] in this book, various comments will apply the principles learned in each of the twenty-one sales in a sale to the field of IMC.  IMC is an approach that recognizes that all types of Marketing Communication used by a business or organization should be coordinated, in order to produce the most effective marketing results.  Clearly, the more coordinated the Marketing Communication messages delivered by a business or organization, the more cost-effective and results-effective the overall marketing message will be.  Among the types of Marketing Communication included in IMC are:

Advertising (traditionally, the primary mass media form),

Public Relations (often, the attempt to receive mass media coverage without fees),

Personal Sales (the central skeletal approach of this book),

Promotions (providing opportunities, incentives, and stimuli for “trying” the product now),

Packaging (the messages sent by the way the product is packaged),

Sponsorships (reputation enhancement provided by sponsoring events, etc.), 

Direct Marketing (through catalogs, infomercials, telemarketing, internet, etc.),

Online Marketing (through the internet).

Mobile Marketing (through cellphones and similar devices), and

Diffusion of Innovations (through word of mouth).

Making Offers They Can't Refuse shows you how to integrate all of these forms of marketing communication to make the most effective marketing effort.