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The Essence of Rhetoric in Disney Music & Piano Playground: Games, Movement and Piano Instruction


The Essence of Rhetoric in Disney Music will introduce you to the basic history and concepts of Rhetoric, and demonstrate those concepts by allowing you to experience the rhetoric in the music at Walt Disney World.  Starting with the prayer theory of Homer and the ancient Greeks, we learn that Flattery, Quid pro Quo, and appeals for consistency are persuasive.  Then Plato coins the term "rhetoric," but uses it in a negative sense.  His student, Aristotle, writes the most important work on Rhetoric in history, emphasizing ethics, emotion, and logic.  We believe some things just because we trust the word of someone else.  Aristotle also taught the three basic uses of rhetoric: in the courts, in the political assemblies, and in the culture.  The Romans added the 5 basic considerations of Rhetoric:  Invention, Arrangement, Style, Memory, and Delivery.  Contemporary rhetoricians, Kenneth Burke, Chaim Perelman, and Stephen Toulmin add concepts like identification, cultural values, and the two-sided message.  Disney provides musical experiences of all of these.  Everyone is familiar with Disney Music.  But, few have analyzed what types of persuasive messages are communicated through Disney music.   Find out for yourself  what the rest  of the world is being persuaded by listening to the music.  Take, for example, the song "Two Brothers" in The American Adventure.  Is it pro-war or anti-war?  How would you analyze the rhetoric of such music?  This book explains the methods rhetoricians have been using for thousands of years.
Piano Playground: Games, Movements, and Group Activities for Piano Instruction combines the research into effective music teaching from the author's graduate studies with her creativity in the application of those effective teaching methods.  
Creature Christmas is a musical play or screenplay that is being offered to prospective film, video, or local producers.  The arranger, Michael Dunn, taught K-12 and College music courses for 40 years.  The composer, Stan A. Lindsay, Ph.D., is Teaching Professor of Professional Communication at Florida State University.  Screenplay writers, Shane and Tristan Lindsay are authors of multiple screenplays and novels.  For information concerning the availability of this musical, please email Say_Press@yahoo.com.